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Test your financial health

Test your financial health

Taking control of your financial situation will help you reduce stress, strengthen your family relationships and​ enhance your mental and physical well-being.  ​​

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1. Do you use your credit cards more and more?

2. Are you constantly exceeding your limit?

3. Are you feeling your spending may be out of control and are unable to manage your finances?

4. Are you worried and depressed about money and this is affecting your health, your job and even your personal relationships?

5. Do you borrow from family and friends to help you make it to the next pay day?

6. Do you avoid opening your bills or you only open one or two and ignore the rest?

7. Are you afraid to answer your phone because you think the call could be from a collection agency?

8. Have you tried to obtain a loan or to refinance your mortgage and been declined?

9. Have you consolidated your debts but are unable to keep up the payments or does the lender want the loan paid off or is asking you for a co-signer?

10. Have you had a garnishee placed against your wages or are you being sued by a creditor?

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